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There's a new episode of Victorious on in an hour and a half. :D

And even better, it's the one I've been waiting to see. :D :D :D

I just hope Dan isn't planning to break up Beck and Jade. Most likely not, since Status Quo is God and all, and clearly the little kids who are supposedly the target audience for Victorious wouldn't be able to follow any kind of over-arching plot. But Dan can be a dick. For instance, how he put Sam and Freddie together for a handful of episodes just to break them up, as if to say "See, 'Seddie' Shippers? It wouldn't work out. Now, shut up and laugh at my jokes." No, I haven't forgiven him for that, and I probably never will. The way he gets pissed off that he makes millions of dollars (guessing conservatively) and is now famous for the wrong reasons, and feels the need to spend an entire episode whining about it, hits me the WORST way. (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, watch iStart a Fan War, the episode where Dan Carly gives a big speech on how people shouldn't enjoy iCarly for the ~drama and ~UST, they should like it for the comedy. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE WHY I'M PAYING $3 PER EPISODE, DAN? JUST TAKE MY MONEY, SHUT THE HELL UP, AND KEEP MAKING STUFF I LIKE.)

*clears throat* Excuse me. Sorry.

P.S. Someone make a "FYDan Schneider" so I can take it as "Fuck You", not "Fuck Yeah".