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However, as Echo will gladly tell you, angry is more or less my natural state of being, to the point where any time I ask "You know what pisses me off?", she responds with "Everything?". And she's right.

But this is worse than usual. Right now, three things in particular are drawing my ire and making me wish to burn down the internet.

1) Degrassi.

Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Part 2. Fuck you, Degrassi writers. Fuck. You. Without lube. I haven't been this angry about Degrassi since If You Leave, way back in Season 6, before most of the current fans of the show were out of diapers. The fact that both episodes permanently break up the token gay couple of their respective seasons is completely irrelevant.

2) The existence of M. Night Shyamalan

Yeah, I'm late on the boat with this one. But Echo and I finally watched all of The Last Airbender last night. Or, rather, we watched as Shyamalan brutally violated one of our favorite series with a crowbar. We only got through it because I started making horribly offensive, snarky jokes after every line of dialogue.
I want this guy to die in a hole. And for everyone to henceforth mispronounce his name in the most douchebag-y fashion possible.

3) Livejournal

I posted 250 icons about 2 hours ago.
After taking over 8 hours to wrestle LJ into submission, that is.
See, I used to use the "insert table" tool to create a table to post my icons in. But now, the "LJ-like" tool seems to have replaced it.
First, I tried to use a table generator. I wanted the tables separate for each section, but the tables kept wanting to snap together. Then, once I had finally gotten the tables where and how I wanted them, LJ says the post is too big. I am already over three hours into this.
So, after a few google searches, I found the basic code for a table, and started to build my own.
Surprisingly, even though I know next to nothing about coding, I had less issues with the one I made than the generator I found on the internet, AND THE "BASIC" TABLE THAT LJ USED TO SPIT OUT AT ME.
Whatever. I probably had so many problems because I'm kind of dumb and don't know how to use the code LJ has. But they had a tool that let me easily use tables despite that, and THEY TOOK IT AWAY TO REPLACE IT WITH A TOOL THAT I WILL NEVER USE. Ergo, I am upset. Just in case you didn't notice.


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Aug. 26th, 2011 10:07 pm (UTC)
this still makes me laugh when I read it. xD
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