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Title: Just Like Heaven
Rating: K
Warnings: Future!Fic, unusual POV
Pairing: Beck/Jade
Summary: Every night, she sang the same song. Some times it sounded angry, but most of the time it just sounded sad.

Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious or Just Like Heaven.

“And I promise you, I promise I'll run away with you.”

Every night, she sang the same song.

She sat at the piano, fingers dancing over the keys as her voice filled the small room. I sat huddled on my bed, my bear clutched to my chest, and watched.

She was so pretty. And her voice was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

“You're just like a dream.
You're just like heaven.”

Sometimes the song sounded angry, and she would get so mad that her eyes would burn and her hands would shake. But most of the time she just sounded sad, and sometimes I could hear her crying at night.

She almost always cried on nights when the song was angry.

“Found myself alone, alone!
Alone against a raging sea!”

I didn't know what the song was about – just that it sounded pretty, even when it sounded angry, and she had sung it every night since before I could remember.

“You're just like... heaven...”

The music faded to nothing and we sat in still silence for a few seconds before she stood up and walked over to my bed.

I yawned as she pulled the blankets up under my chin and kissed my forehead.

“Mommy, what is the song about?” I asked, shoving some of my long, black hair out of my face.

“A boy named Beck.” She answered softly.


End Notes: This is a really vague fic, actually. There's a lot I don't know about it. What I do know is that Jade sings Just Like Heaven to her (and Beck's) daughter every night before she goes to sleep. (Actually, the gender of the main character is only barely implied, but I picture a little girl) But where is Beck? Why doesn't their daughter know him? Is he dead? Did he leave Jade? Assuming he's alive, does he know he has a kid? How far in the future is this? How old is the girl? How old is Jade? Why could I spend more time asking questions about this fic then I did writing it? I don't know – Jade isn't fessing up.

Inspired by this video: